May 15-16th, 2024
Malmö Live

Main partners

Some of the VC funds joining

Feeling the love

Sarah Montgomery

Infyos [UK]
Co-founder, CEO

“If you are looking for an investment, this is the place to be!"

€1.1M round led by Pale Blue Dot

Astrid Gyllenkrok Kristensen

LEIA Health [SWE]
Co-founder, CEO

“The place where we found our lead investor for our pre-seed round.“

€1.2M round led by People Ventures

Nima Vali

Magic Feedback [DK]
Co-founder, CEO

“Fantastic event with the right people & atmosphere. The people I met at the event were pivotal for our successful fundraising round.”

€1.2M round led by


Arbonics [EE]
Co-founder, CEO

“Pretty great combo - some new founder friends, valuable investor contacts, & loads of off-key karaoke!“

€5.5M round led by Nordic Ninja

Intimate, informal, humble and relaxed

Optimizing for relevant meetings, side events connections and karaoke.


VCs, Angels and LPs




Pre-Qualified Startups

Side events all over Malmö

Meet our people

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Joel Larsson

General Partner Pale Blue Dot

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Evoléna de Wilde

Co-Founder & CEO - Faircado

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Sebastian Gabor

Co-Founder & CEO -

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People coming to Mashup

Here they are. The Mashup people are ready to network

Joel Larsson
General Partner Pale Blue Dot
Evoléna de Wilde
Co-Founder & CEO - Faircado
Sebastian Gabor
Co-Founder & CEO -
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13:00 - 15:00

Sauna with OVH Cloud

Experience the Nordic style of bathing at Kallbadhuset. Sauna networking and swimming in the ocean.

14:30 - 18:00

Malmö Live - Check in

Reception at Malmö Live is waiting for you to check-in your stuff. For our guests with a hotel room.

15:30 - 21:00

Investor day

Boule petanque tournament, networking, drinks and dinner at Boule bar

16:00 - 17:50

Founder drinks with byFounders VC

Our friends at byFounders are hosting drinks for founders at Bise

16:00 - 17:50

Founder drinks at care/of

Join us for a founders drink at care/of, one of Swedens top cocktail bars


Founders day - With OVHcloud & Danske Bank Growth

All founders at the event are invited.
Dinner, games and networking with amazing founders a Malmö Bistro Live


Drinks & Karaoke - With Poul Schmith / Kammeradvokaten

At Soi29. Mingle for investor and founders, drinks and karaoke. No worries, you don't have to sing. There will be opportunities to background dance as well. Sign up on Luma. Sponsored by: Poul Schmith / Kammeradvokaten


Doors Open

Join us for the day’s first coffee and let the Mashup begin!


Opening Ceremony

Our Host: Matt Smith
We kick-start the day, with Nino Subotic & Melinda Elmborg on stage


Intro pitching

30 top founders are doing 1 min pitch, 1 slide infront of 100+ investors. No stress...


Swedish fika Break

Fika and network


How to raise a series A 2024

Panel host: Maria Bo, HSBC Innovation Banking
Panelists: Hannah Meiton, Ampli VC - Juuso Koskinen, Evli Growth Partners


Creating value for portfolio comanies. How to be a helpful VC

Panel host: Mimi Billing
Panelists: Tong Gu, General Partner at Pact VC
Peter Egehoved, General Partner at Seed Capital


Meeting area opens

Let the meetings begin. Check your event app for booking meetings.



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Drinks at the Terrace with Hubspot & Moll Wendén

Join us for a fantastic drink and network session on the Terrace at Malmö live, hosted by Hubspot for startups and our legal partner. Moll Wendén


Gala Dinner by OVHcloud & AMD

Founders and investors mix for this 3-course dinner and drinks


Busses arrive

We are bringing all attendes with bus to the Malmö northern harbor for a underground party to remember. 


Mashup afterparty

DJs, lasers, dancing and singing karaoke to celebrate the ending of the event but the beginning of a beautiful new friendship.

Invite-only event, get yours...

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  • 2 day event
  • Tickets include Founders Meetup on 15/5
  • Stage program, roundtables, event app, lunch, coffee, snacks
  • Gala dinner, and karaoke afterparty
  • 2 day event
  • Tickets include a Investor Meetup on 15/5, dinner and boule
  • Networking and Meeting App
  • Side events, gala dinner, and karaoke afterparty
  • 2 day event
  • Tickets include a VC Meetup on 15/5, dinner and boule
  • Matchmaking & startup database
  • Gala dinner, side events, karaoke afterparty, stage program, roundtables, event app, lunch, coffee, snacks
  • 1 day event
  • Stage program, roundtables, event app
  • Lunch, coffee, snacks
  • Gala dinner, and karaoke afterparty

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